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Additional Healing Methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine

At the Andover Acupuncture Clinic acupuncture is the primary treatment of Chinese Medicine. However, there are many other established and proven methods of treatment both ancient and more contemporary that are used.  In order to promote healing Maureen uses a variety of treatments alongside acupuncture to enhance healing:

MoxibustionCuppingAuricular NeedlingElectro Acupuncture

A nourishing and warming treatment using mugwort
(A chinese herb).

Relaxes and stimulates areas of the body where there is stagnation, encouraging the Qi (energy) to flow more freely.

Tui Na
A Chinese massage

Cupping - glass cups are applied to the body, helping to move energy that is stuck. This can be used to treat muscular skeletal conditions or to clear and resolve colds and chest infections.

Auricular Needling
A probe is used to locate specific points in the ears, which are then needled. This is often used as supplementary treatment for management of pain.

Using a specially designed tool, the surface of the skin is scraped to help promote healing by moving energy.

Electro Acupuncture
Electrodes are attached to the needles to pass through a very low current. This encourages the flow of blood and Qi to promote healing.



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