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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe?
Acupuncture needles are produced under strict sterile conditions and are used only once.

Does it hurt?
The needles that are used are very fine and bear no resemblance to those used for injections or taking blood.  A guide tube is used to assist precise and painless insertion.  There may be a slight sensation which is sometimes described as a dull ache or tingling.

How many needles will be used?
This varies considerably between patients and is dependent on the condition being treated.

What will happen on my first consultation?
The initial consultation takes about 2 hours.  This is because acupuncture treats the whole person and not just their current symptoms or illness.  The practitioner will take a detailed health and lifestyle history that includes information about current symptoms, treatment to date, medical history, digestion, sleep patterns, emotional state and any current medication you have been prescribed.  Feeling the condition of energy on the pulse and examining the tongue will also assist with diagnosis, and blood pressure will also be taken.  This first appointment will include the first needling session.

What happens next?
The practitioner will put an individual treatment plan together.  A follow up appointment will be made, and these usually last an hour.  

How often will I need to be treated?
Initially treatment is weekly until improvements in the condition can be seen.  Most people will experience some benefit from acupuncture after 6 to 8 sessions, and some before.  Once improvements are established then treatments will move to every 2 weeks and then extended to 3 weeks etc.  For longer standing problems it may take longer before improvements are seen.   

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments will vary between patients and is dependent on the condition.  .  Often patients continue to have acupuncture treatment for maintenance once a month, and this also helps with overall health and well being.    Feedback from many patients is that they feel so relaxed and energised following treatment.



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